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Monday, December 11, 2006

Greater Boston -- Part Deux

In an effort to disprove to Peter Porcupine that I am a typical reporter, I went back to take a look at the Greater Boston segment on blogging for cash -- the commentary that I did not watch and didn't discuss as I did with the John Carroll set up piece.

Sorry, I still feel the same -- even when I take into account the carefully worded correction from producer Mark Mills.

There's no doubt Carroll, host Emily Rooney and panelist Callie Crossley are not blog fans. That was crystal clear from the talking heads segment that followed the Carroll set up. But you know what, that's their right.

The set-up remains fair, despite Carroll's mixing up the author of the satirical piece on the identity of MyDD owner Jerome Armstrong. It's incredibly convoluted and as Dan Kennedy notes, satire is almost always bound to get you into trouble.

I'm not troubled by how David Kravitz sounded, even if he believes he was cut and pasted inappropriately. He comes across as a strong believer in the value of blogging and in the ability of the blogosphere to police its own.

So upon further review, I still believe we need to develop thicker skins if we want to dish it. out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say one thing for PP, she's got some big cojones to pipe up about blogger ethics.

December 12, 2006 4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't believe the amount of whining going on about this from the bloggers. imagine, bloggers complaining about quality control and ethics in the media! you make a big deal about being part of the patrick team and you expect to be exempt from the rough and tumble of politics. get real!!!

and how about our i-am-one-of-the-people governor-elect taking $50k corporate donations for his coronation parties . . .

December 12, 2006 6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point Anon. The roungh and tumble of politics means you should expect to be subject from lies and slander by well respected, well paid media people. That's obvious.

And you make another good point, I think Deval should hold meetings outside to prove he's one of the people. Cuz I'm easily distracted by shiny objects, and inside you need to pay for heat and light and stuff. If you're going to "whine," baystatelib, make sure it's about something incredibly stupid! Our media ethics/integrity are not important, but the fact that DP is taking the unprescedented step of having a party after he's sworn in! OMG! OMG! He also has a staff! OMG!

December 13, 2006 1:45 AM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Lies are lies and out-of-bounds whether from politicians or the media (not that has stopped anyone, with Fox News the master on the media side). But I'm not sure what the lies are here. Did Carroll make a mistake that he has corrected? Yes. What else is so terrible other than a low regard for bloggers in general -- and a particular contempt for those who get paid to shill for candidates. Free speech isn't free. You need to be able to take the heat if you want to dish it out.

And Anon 1:45, you go a long way to proving the dangers of sarcasm being misunderstood. But thanks for the reply.

December 13, 2006 5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Porcupine's life as the "fourth BMG member" is one of the weirder part of this saga. It seems like every other post is PP either posting Republican spin or slamming someone who dares call BS.

It's all part of the BMG shark jump. A "liberal" blog with an undercover member of the Republican State committee posting 24x7. Just what the world needed.

December 14, 2006 1:11 PM  

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