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Friday, December 22, 2006

Hope is not a four-letter word

It's pretty clear Republicans are working off the same script as we prepare for Democrats to take over the Massachusetts governor's office and the U.S. House of Representatives.

For example, this from New England Republican:
Ever notice how everything Governor-elect Patrick does is for the people? That’s the latest from Camp Patrick as more negative attention is focused on his special interest funded, budget busting inauguration. But he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea by the $50,000 per special interests are plopping down to fund the bash because he’s making government more accessible to you through these parties. It’s your bash, Massachusetts.

Compared to this from Romney and McCain honcho Mike Murphy:

"What? No fireworks?" he said. "I'm glad they canceled the tickertape parade. They probably couldn't find biodegradable tickertape and a hybrid convertible."

Massachusetts is about to swear in its first African-American governor, the second in the nation. It's an historic moment particularly given Boston's history of race relations. The US House of Representatives in about to swear in its first female Speaker.

Genuine historic events -- things will be live forever -- much like the follies of the Bush administration's Global War or Terror.

But Republican advisers and their minions are already out sowing seeds about doubt about the moment and the people who are making history. True to the GOP that talked about Defeatocrats and cut-and-run Democrats, these disciples of Lee Atwater thrive on disunity and anger. Hope is the ultimate four-letter word to them.

Party on Deval and Nancy. You (and we) have earned it. To my GOP brethren -- plan an out-of-country trip on those days. And above all, get used to it.

I'm already planning a trip and will be leaving the blogosphere for a few days. Politically correct holiday greetings of your choice to everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Republicans complaining about special interests, are they really that boundlessly hypocritical or have I been sucked into a parallel universe?

December 23, 2006 2:29 AM  

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