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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm watching you

This has been an especially cranky day. That always happens when I get woken up and can't fall back asleep. Especially when the cause of the lost sleep is a junk fax at 11:45 p.m. So word of warning to Exceptional Roofing of Southboro -- I'm coming after you.

It's been eye-opening since we switched to caller ID at the OL household. The number of calls labeled" unknown caller" -- usually from someone trying to sell you something and who block their number to avoid reprisals.

Those reprisals come from people who are on the "do not call registry," which is designed to block such annoying phone calls. Federal regulation being what it is, the law is toothless. The same applies to Massachusetts, where the attorney general maintains online forms for consumers to complain about junk calls and faxes.

But there are calls and there are CALLS. An autodialed junk fax around midnight to a home is an egregious violation of the law -- and basic civility. A company pushing flat roof repairs undoubtedly purchased calls in zip codes with many apartment buildings -- you know ones with flat roofs.

Hardly a slip of the autodialer, don't you think. And putting the onus on you to call to get your name off a list is outrageous when they should not be calling in the first place.

So watch out guys, I'm coming after you. Your flyer says the company is family owned. Maybe I'll call you at 3 a.m. and wake up yours to make my point.


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