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Friday, December 22, 2006

"It is hard to figure out what he does believe"

The folks in New Hampshire are starting to kick the tires -- and it may not be great for the son of a former auto industry executive.

The past and his "record" may finally be catching up with Willard Mitt Romney as the long-time disengaged and soon to be divorced governor of Massachusetts take his show ion the road to the first primary state (at least this week). The Globe says its best:
In what was billed as a friendly holiday get-together organized by his political committee, Romney faced questions about his evolving views following reports in the Globe and other publications that examined his positions on abortion, stem cell research, and gay rights.

Some audience members walked away from the encounter still uncertain of his conservative credentials.

Romney continues to insist his Massachusetts records speak for him. It does. What was accomplished (no tax increases and health care legislation) was accomplished with the help of legislators, particularly former House Speaker Tom Finneran -- who stance on taxes pre-dated Romney's arrival at the Statehouse. And Gov.-elect Deval Patrick is already talking about reversing some of his presidential campaign grandstanding.

As for health care, the follow-up regulations from Romney appointees are raising serious questions whether the law can function as planned when it raises to much from those who can't afford it and too little from those who can.

Still Mitt accurately summed up his campaign, even if his inflection may have been different.
"Talk is cheap, but action is not."
Actually, talk isn't that cheap when you try to be all things to all people and have a record of those words on paper.


Anonymous lenstewart said...

Well, I'll go a step further on the healthcare "reform" law. From my memory, the governor offered a power point presentation and a memo with talking points.

The heavy lifting, substantive crafting, and consensus building were done in the Senate and in the House. And, then, the really heavy lifting of patching together pieces of the Senate and House legislation into something hopefully coherent, but certainly ground-breaking. Where was Mitt? Dunno, but suspect he was out of the state somewhere during all this.

I see Mitt claiming credit for this the same way the Bush seems to take credit for signing legislation into law. Like, OK, fine. You signed it. But who did the real work? Not you.

Of course, that's not the real point of your post, which is that the closer people look at Mitt, the less there is to see of any substance. Again, he's just a hollow suit, big smile, and some talking points geared towards whatever particular audience he's in front of. And, I think smart people in both parties are getting to the point where they can spot that quicker and better than they used to. After all, we all learned a big lesson with Bush. Less is not more. Less is definitely less. Far less than we need.

December 22, 2006 7:57 AM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Well said!

December 22, 2006 3:19 PM  
Blogger phil_in_ny said...

Again, ring around the rosie with the conservative kerry.

December 24, 2006 8:31 AM  
Blogger John Hosty said...

Slick Willard wants to make a run for president after his single term as governor, and never being a politician before?! He tries to be all things to all people, as said here, and comes off not only arrogant, but hubristic. I love the picture they are using in BlueMassGroup.com when running Romney stories lately. It's the Hindenburg half exploded and deflated, with "Romney for president" barely visible on the side.

December 24, 2006 11:33 PM  

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