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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Knee jerk conservatism II

No heavy lifting for the Herald's crack political team. One source reporting from the usual suspects on a narrowly focused agenda.

The team that missed Fehrnstrom hack-a-rama is just aghast that Deval Patrick has named someone with experience in dealing with the Statehouse press for a job as, are you ready for this -- spokesman. You know, the person who deals with the Statehouse press.

The hiring of Kyle Sullivan, who has worked for John Kerry and, mostly recently Sal DiMasi, shows that Patrick is cozying up to the Legislature.
"He’s going to try to buy off the Legislature,"GOP Strategist Holly Robichaud said yesterday. "It’s a major sign that he hired someone right out of Sal DiMasi’s office. This is not a new way of doing things."
By taking away the speaker's spokesman?

So it got me to thinking -- who is Holly Robichaud and what successful Republican campaigns has she run in Massachusetts. Here's her bio. I report, you decide how authoritative a voice she is.

In the meantime, I operate on the theory that a gubernatorial spokesman is supposed to work well with the media and deflect trouble away from the governor. One of the ways to do that is direct it toward the Legislature. Eric Fehrnstrom did that well. At least the blame the Legislature part.

I'm sure we'll read a lot about Sullivan's payroll patriot pension job if he ever gets one. Unless his pension is already vested, in which case of course he's already a hack.

You see, I don't even need to read the Herald to know what will be in it.


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