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Friday, December 08, 2006

The "New" Bush

You didn't really think George Bush would ever offer a shred of evidence that he is willing to admit he was wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence, did you?

The Decider is making it very clear that the Iraq Study Group will go the way other efforts to inform US action in the face of the colossal failure that is his policy not only in Iraq and the Middle East.

After all, the group's report calls for diplomacy, an ability to speak to people across a gulf of mistrust and misinformation and a recognition that "stuff happens" in ways we do not intend it to.

None of this is within George W. Bush's capacity.

It also fits with the calls for "bipartisanship" while futilely trying to ram John Bolton's name through a lame duck Congress and renominating hot button judges. The man is simply not to be trusted to speak the truth.


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