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Saturday, December 09, 2006

News judgment

This isn't about rejoicing at bad news. It is about applying the same set of standards.

The Herald loves to trump every sneeze at the New York Times and how that in turn makes it's arch-rival the Boston Globe catch a cold. The Herald has never given the same attention to its own plight -- or that of just about every media operation in the country.

But loyal Herald readers have a right to hear about what's going on at their favorite media outlet. And today, they are in the dark.

The Globe offers a brief here. The blogosphere offers more here and here. But I've searched the Herald website thoroughly and failed to find a mention.

The slow and steady drop of talent is frightening. If the Dig is correct that night and weekend coverage is about to be cut back, the fear escalates. Don't the loyal readers who plunk down their change deserve to know as much about financial woes of their own paper as the do about the Boring Broadsheet across town?


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