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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Priorities -- II

We don't bat an eye over a $100 million transaction for a baseball player but raise concerns about $1 million for a series of parties to inaugurate a new governor. Not to mention hear the whining of legislators who don't like the idea of being out in the cold.

And I won't even get into the unseemly uproar over the future of the Senate when word comes down that one member has taken ill.

I guess 'tis the season for some, not others.

The Patrick campaign is suffering the fate of all winning efforts and they are to be blamed for not getting out on this story in the first place by detailing all the inaugural events they have planned, where and why. That's left plenty of of room for critics and cynics, myself included, to fill in the blanks.

Yes, the litany of fund-raisers mentioned in the Globe -- Jack Connors, Cheryl Cronin, Nick Littlefield -- are among the major political players in town. Connors, for one, is also visible for what he does on the charitable or civic side, namely the Archdiocese of Boston. Have we become so cynical to believe someone might be willing to something for the public good? Or should I change my name to Naive Liberal?

What we know of the Patrick plans sound good -- bringing the celebration to the people. That apparently means bringing his speech outside where the public won't need a ticket to hear him. But, no, it's too cold.

Forget the fact the presidential ceremonies in Washington are always outside (and only one president died as a result). Yes, Boston is colder, but it's amazing what you can do to bring heat to an outdoor event these days. (Just ask talk radio!)

Deprive Mitt Romney of his ceremonial walk down the front stairs? As tempting as it is to say he walked out on us a long time ago, you can maintain that tradition and start a new one. How about an inaugural address from Ashburton Park? No harm to Beacon Street traffic (and Mitt's campaign videographers) that way.

As for the ghoulish speculation over South Dakota Democrat Tim Johnson's illness and whether the balance in the Senate will change -- for shame. Get well is the only appropriate reaction in our "Christian" nation.

And some advice to the newest member of Red Sox Nation -- be careful what you wish for. Things will change quickly if you hang a curve ball with the bases loaded in a game against the Yankees.

Welcome to Boston!


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