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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

T is for Terrible

Out with the old -- only the old is looking better all the time.

The MBTA ceremoniously sold its last token today, ringing the curtain down on one era and ushering in the CharlieCard -- where some riders will be paying through the nose for the "service."

I've already observed that Green Line outbound riders will be verging on insurrection when the new outbound fare takes effect. One open door per car and many, many backpacks clogging narrow aisles filled with weary homebound commuters is in the finest tradition of MBTA customer service.

But Mrs. Outraged Liberal points out a fact that may keep some of the backpack bunch off the outbound trains. What used to be a free ride will be $1.70 or $2 -- making a round trip that began in the subway and currently costs $2.50 will soar to $3.40 or $4 depending whether you get a card or a ticket.

So maybe I missed the goal (at least on Commonwealth and Huntington Avenues): make BU, BC and NU improve student commuter services. Nah, they're not that bright at the T.

And that doesn't even begin to take into account Beacon Street riders who just get gouged. And Riverside riders will actually see their costs go down from the current $4.25 round trip for anyone who didn't have the "right" pass.


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