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Friday, December 15, 2006


They must have had a special on crow in the Statehouse snack bar. The Senate President certainly had a heaping serving of it today.

Robert Travaglini must have realized pretty quickly after this morning's Globe hit the stands that he had a problem. You don't pick a public fight with a newly-elected governor looking for ways to keep his field operation active.

At least Trav had the common sense to practice damage control, unlike a certain former House Speaker, who insistence that he did no wrong landed him with a perjury charge.
"I misspoke yesterday and I want to acknowledge that publicly to you...'' Travaglini told reporters this afternoon. "The position of the senate continues to be standing ready to partner with the new administration in its efforts to demonstrate that we can conduct the people's business in their absence in a positive way and that's the reason for the visit here this afternoon.''
Misspoke is a polite euphemism for throwing stink bomb that lands in your face. There's no doubt he meant what he said -- given the audience of real estate and business leaders. But at least he realized the error of his ways.

Deval Patrick was, well politic.
"This is my friend and my new partner and we are looking forward to and have started on building a very strong relationship,'' Patrick said. "We are going to have conversations from time to time that are private and where there are differences. But I've said before and we've said to each other -- not every difference is a controversy. We don't have any significant differences today. What we've been doing is trying to work through our respective... legislative agenda and as much as possible get on the same page from the start."
Score a big one for the governor-elect, who will no doubt recall the old line about keeping your friend close, and your enemies closer. As former Sen. George Bachrach correctly noted, Patrick is in a classic lose-lose situation.


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