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Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Ancient history"

Faced with evidence of his flip-flops (a much nicer word than duplicity), Mitt Romney reacted with the one political skill he truly possesses -- more fast talking.

Yes, Mendacious Mitt says that he is grayer, heavier and wiser now than he was 13 years ago when he tried to outflank Ted Kennedy on the left. That everything he said was inoperative because he has learned the truth.

Bull feathers.

George Bush can at least claim being "born again" after the age of 40 for the change from his young and irresponsible ways. Mitt Romney only has political expediency to fall back on.

Let's be blunt. For a man with religious roots as lifelong and deep as Romney's appear to be, core values don't just change after the age of 40. To take both sides on issues like gay marriage and the right to choose in the space of 13 years requires either a massive life-changing experience or a streak of opportunism as deep and as wide as the Iraq fiasco.

We're certainly not privy to a life-changing experience. That leave only one choice -- outright expediency.

Romney urges conservative voters to check out his record. I heartily agree. A visit to Romney is a Fraud will be an eye-opener.

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