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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And now it's Scooter's turn to cry

The inner workings of the Bush administration sausage factory are on display in a Washington courtroom and it is not a pretty picture.

The parade of witnesses at the Scooter Libby perjury and obstruction of justice trial have not be very helpful to Darth Chaney's the erstwhile chief of staff.

Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer (you remember the guy who suggested reporters could be committing treason by simply doing their job) was rather unhelpful to Scooter's contention that he was too busy to leak. How? By pointing that Libby dropped mention of Valerie Flame over lunch -- the first one they ever had -- and only days before Libby dropped the dime with reporters.

But we're headed for real drama with the appearance of former New York Times reporter Judith Miller -- the Queen of WMD -- and why she did not write about Plame.

Libby's defense attorneys are looking to ask Miller about sources other than Libby -- who she spent 85 days in jail to protect. It's unlikely she'd be willing to offer any additional information -- in fact special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is now on her side over that issue.

Ultimately, that could be the strategy of the defense team -- put Miller on the stand and force her to refuse additional testimony. That would force the judge to declare a mistrial. And that would prevent the testimony everyone is waiting for: Vice President Richard B. Cheney.

Farfetched? Stay tuned.

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