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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The check is in the mail

Trust me, I've got it right this time.

That is the gist of the Bush message that more American lives and taxpayers dollars will end the violence in Iraq and bring stability to a country in the middle of a civil war so vicious and a government so incompetent that it couldn't carry off an execution without messing up.

And of course, the proper response is "why should we trust you now?" You've lied for five years, you're still lying now about the mistakes and I suspect you'll be questioning your opponents' patriotism by week's end.

Defying the will of American voters, sound advice from senior officials and the military high command and the very puppet government we're trying to prop up, George Bush instead will hold his breath and turn blue to prove he is right. If more American soldiers die in Iraq -- or more taxpayers dies from federal neglect in New Orleans, well, "stuff happens."

Headlines that trumpet "Bush admits errors" give him way too much credit. He "admitted" that he didn't listen to generals who told him to send more troops initially. He did not admit to lying about the very foundations of his travesty: that Iraq held weapons of mass destruction; that Saddam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden; that Americans would be safer and well-respected around the world.

Nor did he admit to the mistakes of those for whom he allegedly takes responsibility: Dick Cheney, who said we would be greeted as liberators; Donald Rumsfeld, who continued to blame others, from Gen. Eric Shinseki to Condi Rice, to name just a few, for the "stuff."

But by gosh, Mitt Romney supports him.

Just to prove he was right last fall when he and hired thug Karl Rove called opponents Defeatocrats, cut-and-runners and offered other less savory allegations about our patriotism, George Bush is gambling he will be proven right in the face of overwhelming "facts on the ground."

How many more American men and women will die for this incredible arrogance?

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