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Monday, January 22, 2007

The enemy of my enemy...

... well isn't my friend in this case, but the irony is delicious.

The Globe chronicles of the efforts of gay-bashing activist Brian Camenker to highlight the um, inconsistencies of the Mittser's messages.

The Romney campaign of course, tries to rebut the Newton resident with someone they feel knows their guy the best, someone from Tennessee.
David French, a Tennessee lawyer, wrote a lengthy rebuttal on his website, Evangelicals for Mitt, calling the assertions "unfair and unfortunately misguided attacks against a man who stood -- with real integrity -- against some of the worst excesses of the cultural left."
Word to Mr. French: Camenker is on you side -- he's not a cultural leftie. He's a gay-bashing right wing nut who happens to live in a community with a lot of lefties. Big difference.

But he and a bunch of lefties are on the same page when it comes to highlighting the flip-flips of the former governor. Brian, can you stand it?

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