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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mendacious Mitt

The key to understanding Mitt Romney is to remember that actions speak louder than words. And there is a strong disconnect between those two.

Not content to leave his mark as a bigoted right winger who believes in stripping citizens of rights granted by the court (and whose actions do not harm anyone), Romney opted for another flip-flip in his final hours in the Corner Office (or at least to the hours when he holds the keys).

"My plans are to have all nominees who have made it through the process on your desks next Wednesday," Romney told governor's councilors at their regular meeting... "I don't intend to bring you a lengthy list of nominees. . . . I won't overtax you with a huge slate."

After leaving just four judicial vacancies despite his promise, the Man of Honor has proceeded to fill state board and agencies with crony and hack appointments -- the very same type of effort made by previous governors he has publicly lambasted for similar action.

When Romney took office in 2003, he acted immediately to rescind 27 lame-duck appointments to state boards made by his predecessor, acting governor Jane Swift. Those included Swift's appointment of her former press secretary, James Borghesani, to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission.

Swift installed some 300 people to boards in the last six months of her administration. Romney has far exceeded Swift's pace in recent months. He appointed about 200 people to boards in December and about 100 in November, according to a Globe tally.

By contrast, in December 2005 Romney made 37 appointments. In November 2005, he installed 41 people.

And that doesn't even begin to deal with questions like his vendetta against Matt Amorello.

It is indeed a tradition to take care of your friends on the way out the door. But it would be far less difficult to stomach if only for the arrogance, hypocrisy and outright lies uttered by the Mendacious One. He was against patronage before he was for it.

Don't slip down the steps tonight Mitt. But do let the gate hit you on the way out.

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