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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mushy and mendacious

Say this for George Bush -- at least he has firm beliefs and sticks to them. Even when he's the last person in the world to believe in it.

Mendacious Mitt Romney must have been an acrobat in a past life for all the flip-flops he has performed in his quest for the White House. First it was a woman's right to choose, then gay rights, followed by no-new tax pledges. Now it's guns. What's next? He's not a Red Sox fan?

It is truly astonishing in this age of instant fact-checking that the former governor continues to change his stance on what -- for most normal people -- are deep and heartfelt convictions and then tries to insist nothing has changed. What this reveals about his core values should be concerning to everyone -- not just liberal critics like me.

The pattern outlined in today's Globe story is consistent -- he was for gun control before he was against it.

Today, as he explores a presidential bid, Romney is sending a very different message on gun issues, which are far more prominent in Republican national politics than in Massachusetts.

He now touts his work as governor to ease restrictions on gun owners. He proudly describes himself as a member of the NRA -- though his campaign won't say when he joined. And Friday, at his campaign's request, top officials of the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation led him around one of the country's biggest gun shows.

Romney says he still backs the ban on assault weapons, but he won't say whether he stands by the Brady Bill. And after the gun show tour, his campaign declined to say whether he would still describe himself as a supporter of tough gun laws.

Maybe he thinks the law is about Tom Brady?

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