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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where have I heard that before?

A lazy Saturday calls for a lazy recap of favorite subjects, what is probably known in other circles as beating the same dead horse:

  • The duplicity of Mendacious Mitt is starting to attract more attention. Check out this Associated Press account -- or better yet this Herald look at the packaging of the Mittser (thanks to BMG since the Herald has already put the story behind the $$$ wall)
  • Where's the quid pro quo for the donations to the Patrick inaugural? And while the Globe very nicely gave us the latest hyperventilation of GOP boss Brian Dodge, they only gave us "some" of the donors. What about running the full list on boston.com and letting us judge for ourselves? Wouldn't that be a good use of the politics blog that hasn't been updated for two days, as of this writing?

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