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Monday, February 12, 2007

The fall guy

Things may be looking up for Scooter Libby. And we may now know the real reason which Ari Fleischer cut himself a deal to testify.

But the bottom line is the Bush administration leaked like a sieve in trying to cast doubts about former Ambassador Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger -- and the role of Wilson's wife and now-outed CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame.

Let's see now -- we have Dick Armitage, Libby, Fleischer and Karl Rove. We also have Scott McClellan's repeated insistence that no one in the White House did anything improper and that if it was discovered they did, there would be consequences.

Fleischer, of course, just adds to his reputation as the opposite of a straight shooter -- apparently lying under oath or conveniently omitting facts -- comfortable in the notion that he can't be touched because he copped a plea to implicate Libby.

Meanwhile, Fleischer knows that Libby is just one of a handful of folks who leaked Plame's name and when that comes out Libby will have a better chance of getting off.

Wish these guys had spent as much time thinking through a strategy of how to tell the public the truth about weapons of mass destruction.

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