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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Friends of Mitt

The prodigal son returns home today and some people are taking notice that it it won't to the warm embrace.

As The New York Times pointedly noted, Romney went to a state where he had not lived for 41 years to make an announcement that was decidedly anti-climatic to residents of a state that elected him in 2002 -- and who he abandoned two years later to pursue his current job.

And now the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost.

Former Gov. Jane Swift is the latest Republican elected official to endorse someone else -- throwing her allegiance to John McCain. She follows Paul Cellucci, who has signed on with Rudy Giuliani.

In fact only Bill Weld, noted for walking away from the Corner Office to run for Senate, then left town for his native state and tried to run for governor of New York, has cast his lot with Romney. Birds of a feather?

McCain has also sewn up support from legislative leaders, political operatives and even one of the city's only conservative columnists.

That brings the usually reliable words from Eric Fehrnstrom.
"We have the majority of the Republican establishment, and they will be on hand at tomorrow night's event where we expect upwards of 1,000 Massachusetts Republicans who will help kick off the governor's campaign."
Personally, I'd look closely at the people with the personal and political experience, not with the cash.

Massachusetts Republicans, however few of them may be left, are steering clear of the guy who made their bad situation even worse by running one way for governor, then reversing policy when he tired of them.

Massachusetts is just a money pit for Mitt. It ain't home, as his formal announcement proved. Mitt Romney has no roots -- personal or political.

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