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Thursday, February 08, 2007

It all depends on what belief means

While the New York Times took its turn at looking at the electability of a Mormon, the Capitol Hill newspaper "The Hill" took a look at a different sets of beliefs held by the former governor of Massachusetts.

I'm of the opinion that Mitt Romney's Mormon faith should not disqualify him to run for the highest national office any more than John F. Kennedy's Catholicism or Joseph Lieberman's Judaism disqualified them from running for president and vice president. The same applies for Hillary Clinton's gender, Barack Obama's race or Bill Richardson's ethnic heritage.

The segment of the right wing electorate that views Romney as unworthy because he isn't "Christian enough" is as out of touch as the segment of left-leaning African-Americans who think Obama isn't "black enough"

What disqualifies Romney is that while he may have a religious belief, what he actually believes in is fungible. In fact, W. Mitt Romney may share a trait with the Democrat that right-wingers love to hate: Meet Slick Willard.

The Hill outlines the latest in a long line of Romney "attitude adjustments," this one on campaign finance reform. It simply joins his movable positions of abortion, stem cell research, contraception, abstinence, gay rights, gun control and no tax pledges -- so far.

Many of these reversed positions -- a woman's right to choose in particular -- show a craven side to a supposedly devout man of convictions. Sorry, that's an issue you don't switch on, certainly not in that direction. Good Catholic politicians such as Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo and John Kerry were always quick to point out that while they support their church they also support the law of the land which calls for a woman's right to choose.

The fact that supposedly devout Christian conservatives rally to Romney's side despite growing proof that he is a world champion serial flip-flopper means only one thing: they are willing to cast aside everything out of mortal fear that this race is already over and Hillary Clinton has won.

Who said a good head of hair and a good suit don't count for anything?

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