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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Makes sense to me

Interesting proposal out in Washington State: if marriage is all about procreation, why not force childless couples to dissolve their marriages after three years?

Although it was offered somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the proposal goes to the heart of those who insist that it is "the defense of marriage and family" that prompts their opposition to gay marriage or civil union.
"We want people to think about the purpose of marriage," says Gregory Gadow, of the Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance. "If it exists for the purpose of procreation, they must understand then that these are the consequences."
The point really is simple: if government is to intrude into the private lives of people -- as the Bush wing of the Republican Party believes -- then it should stick its nose into everyone's business, not just those people with whose lifestyles they disagree.

What can be more pro-family than kids? And what can be more un-American than not having them?

What if couples can't have children because of medical reasons? Too bad, I guess, which is of course the same answer the Moral Majority offers to other non-believers, the vast majority of us who don't believe in their sectarian and authoritarian lifestyle.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone needs to do this here to cause wingnut whiplash.

"You're against democracy we get to vote!"

"Hell, no, nobody can annul my marriage. Marriage is a right! Why would you ever think otherwise, ya crazy or somethin'? Vote my ass! The Legislature thinks it can play little games with my fundamental liberties?"

February 07, 2007 1:28 AM  

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