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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mitt's Big Day!

Well, it's finally here. That day he was dreaming about since childhood, when he could get up on stage near his home and announce that he was formally running for President of the United States!

Mitt Romney today make official what everyone has known for the two years since he abandoned his job and flip-flipped on his record. He is in Michigan to formally announce he's in to win!

The Globe reminds us of Romney's commitment to the Commonwealth:
"Running as a Romney in Michigan is golden for a politician," Romney was quoted as saying in a 2005 interview with the Boston Herald. "I would have never thought about Massachusetts, had I anticipated that politics was going to be in my future."
But Romney remains proud of his tenure on Beacon Hill.

Asked about Romney's decision to make his announcement in Michigan, spokesman Kevin Madden said the venue "speaks to the power of innovation and the unlimited ingenuity and working spirit of the American people."

"Governor Romney's campaign is going to be about harnessing that same energy, innovation, and competitive fire in order to lead the nation as we face a new generation of challenges together," Madden said in an e-mail.

I think Mitt may be the first reverse carpetbagger in US history. Massachusetts should be proud. NOT.



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