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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oops. my bad

Interesting that the Herald found the time to print a correction for story messing up the call letters of where WRKO talk show host Tom Finneran works (truly sloppy, don't you think?) but couldn't find the space to fix a major factual error.

Sharp-eyed readers need to read the caption accompanying today's latest "enterprising" Air Deval to see the weaselly way they try to squirm out of the fact they got it wrong about whose swearing-in Patrick used a State Police helicopter to fly to.

I don't think it's asking all that much for a newspaper demanding accountability of public officials to be accountable itself.

And one last thought (hopfully) on this tempest in a chopper. Flying home, even to care for sick babies, is an abuse. Flying to official ceremonies or acts is not. I can't say for certain whether Patrick really "angrily defended" himself or not because I wasn't there, but he should not allow himself to get sucked into this little game.

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