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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Private showing

Now we know why the Boston Globe apparently decided not to attend Administration and Finance Secretary Leslie Kirwan's budget briefing on Friday.

The Globe has greater detail on Deval Patrick's first budget -- as well as offering a sign that his communication staff indeed knows how to selectively leak. (Although throwing a bone to the Herald might not be a bad idea just so they can come up with a fresh angle of attack).

The budget reflects the tightrope Patrick is attempting to walk between campaign promises and fiscal reality. More local aid and Chapter 70 funding, a one-quarter down payment on his plan for additional cops and level-funded human services.

I can hear the howls already: from advocates, lobbyists and the Legislature, especially over the proposals to close tax loopholes to spread the cost of services among everyone who uses them.

Hey, he wanted the job.

I won't be here to see this start to play out in real time. I'm headed off to a secure, undisclosed location to recharge a bit. Please check back in about 10 days -- especially those of you who may have recently stumbled upon my rants.

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