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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Round, round get around...

So let's see. Mitt Romney's fiscally responsible Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, having lost that sick pay patriot Matt Amorello, spent nearly $600,000 on lawyers and consultants in a ill-conceived effort to elect Kerry Healey?

This is the same Turnpike Authority that had four of its own in-house lawyers and a slew of engineers?

And Mitt Romney wants to do for America what he did for Massachusetts?

Romney's ill-conceived mid-October stunt to take down turnpike tolls west of 128 lacked only the classic visual of Bill Weld taking down the West Newton toll booth during his Senate campaign against John Kerry as a cheap political trick.

But to find that his hand-picked cronies squandered cash that could have paid for one Big Dig pothole repair (OK, maybe two) in the interests of electing Healey just adds further tarnish on the White Knight of Belmont.

"Governor Romney believes the tolls should come down," Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's spokesman, said yesterday. "If we use as an excuse to keep the tolls up that we need the revenue to pay for our inefficient transportation bureaucracy, then the tolls will never come down, and Massachusetts motorists will end up losing," he said.

Hardly. I think Inspector General Gregory Sullivan is closer to the mark. He called the whole effort "an expensive and cynical political stunt."

And speaking of transportation boondoggles -- why am I asked to repeatedly tap my "proximity" CharlieCard on readers that don't work while folks slip onto the rear doors of Green Line trains without so much as a wave?

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