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Friday, February 09, 2007

Second class status

OK, now I'm really fed up. Attempting to board the B Line outbound at BU Central tonight, I was told I needed to go the front door by a "customer service agent" without any validation equipment while people next to me were allowed to get on the train.

Does my CharlieCard (pre-paid corporate pass account) somehow give off an aura that allowed this person to determine that my hard plastic card was somehow inferior to someone else's card or CharlieTicket (or nothing for all I know). Does my card have cooties?

It's merely the reverse of the morning drill, when I get on at the front, the card reader belches and a "happy" operator snarls at me to tap the card again. Tap the "proximity" card. Meanwhile others board in back -- even at stops where rear doors NEVER opened inbound.

Is there a system that determines when a rear door opens and when one form of payment is acceptable? Are the ANY rules involved with the Green Line other than the whim of whomever is wearing a T uniform?

Maybe the Globe ought to take a look at the that instead of write MBTA press releases.



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