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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Second prize, six years in New Hampshire

Got to love those rugged Granite Staters -- living off New Englanders with a taste for booze, butts and the open road and dumping their detritus on the rest of us.

I did a triple take reading about US Judge Steven J. McAuliffe's ruling that Jeffrey Phillips must leave New Hampshire for three years for threatening him over a ruling in a divorce case. I though trash dumping over state lines was illegal?

And while Phillips opted for the Ocean State, in typical New Hampshire fashion, he dumped all over the state he needed to traverse on his way to exile.
"Northern Massachusetts is a very expensive place, unless you move to a less desirable place like Lawrence or Methuen," he said, talking on the phone yesterday from Providence, where he has landed for the time being.
Those hale and hearty New Hampshire residents must still be looking for outlets for their angst after the Old Man in the Mountain bailed out on them.

Tell you what, northern neighbors. We'll take your rejects if you take ours. And I'm only asking that you keep one: a certain Lake Winnipesaukee resident named Romney.

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