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Monday, February 12, 2007

Simple solution

If the Bush administration has the proof it claims to have about Iran's role in supplying weaponry to the Shiites in Iraq (one mighty big IF of course), then the proposal coming before the House of Representatives this week should be, in the words of George Tenet, a slam dunk.


That proof would then make it clear that the "democratically elected" government of Iraq, controlled by Shiites, is really no such thing. And that the ongoing battles in Iraq are truly of a sectarian nature, with Shiites fighting Sunnis.

It would also clearly show the Iraqi government is not interested or incapable of achieving what George Bush claims the United States wants -- a free and democratic Iraq where the rights of all citizens are respected.

So what are we waiting for? Show us the proof and pack up the troops. Or could it be W. is not being straight with us -- again.

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