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Saturday, March 17, 2007

All over the place

Catching up on a bunch of things after a week on the Deval Watch:

  • I'm beginning to think Myth Romney changes positions as often as he changes his undergarments. We can now add immigration to the list of things he was for before he was against.
  • Kudos to Boston-based New York Times writer Pam Belluck for taking a look at Romney's Massachusetts economic claims. For someone who promised to be a hands-on governor who would actively woo new business to the state, the stagnation (actually the outmigration of people and jobs) is telling. And remember, as Republicans like to say about Mike Dukakis' claims, Massachusetts law requires governors to balance the budget.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder for the Boeing-Vertol cars that will ride the Green Line no more. Yes, they were infuriating, especially with those blankety-blank sliding doors. But at least they had more seats and more standing room than the designer-chic lemon Breda cars. And what ever became of the MBTA's pledge to run three-car Green Line trains? Is that why they are taking the Boeing cars out of service?
  • The Right likes to talk about the Culture of Life. The Bush administration apparently adheres to the Culture of Lies. It's not enough to use signing statements thumbing their nose at Congress' constitutional authority to pass legislation. Now they just lie to Congress. There is a big difference between a new administration sweeping out political appointees and using the "loyal Bushies" standard.
  • Valerie Plame Wilson, the spy who came in from the heat, made a pretty compelling case showing the Culture of Lies. Let's see, who do I believe in describing her covert status: Gen. Michael Hayden or Scooter Libby?
  • And please tell me what's up with gwb43.com? Sure seems like a calculated and deliberate attempt to get around laws requiring White House communications be in the public domain. Does this mean we elected the Republican National Committee in 2004?

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