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Saturday, March 24, 2007


The airwaves were aflame with Republican reaction to the House vote yesterday to set a deadline for the withdrawal of troops from the Iraqi civil war zone.

GOP critics (you know the ones who let soldiers languish in squalor in Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other Veterans Administration facilities) accused Democrats of abandoning our troops.

But the real disgrace was playing out elsewhere in Washington, where the curtains were slowly being pulled back on the real depths of corruption of the Bush administration.
Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales met with senior aides on Nov. 27 to review a plan to fire a group of U.S. attorneys, according to documents released last night, a disclosure that contradicts Gonzales's previous statement that he was not involved in "any discussions" about the dismissals.
Excuse me, isn't this the same guy who told the media:
"I was not involved in seeing any memos, was not involved in any discussions about what was going on," Gonzales said.
Any wonder why W. is resisting an effort to have people testify under oath in open sessions before Congress. For the GOP, perjury only counts when it's about oral sex.

The systematic demolition of American law and civil liberties by Bush, Gonzales and his cronies -- in the name of a war waged under false pretenses -- is what is truly disgraceful.

And while it may not be politically wise to offer an impeachment resolution directed at at the Prevaricator-in-Chief , it is most appropriate to consider such action against his consigliere.

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