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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Guilty, guilty, guilty...

No, not Deval Patrick (unless you are talking about extremely poor judgment)...

Back in the day, Megaphone Mark Slackmeyer summed up the Nixon Administration and it's role in Watergate (now there's a real political scandal) with a three-word appraisal of then- Attorney General John Mitchell.

Yesterday, a jury of seven women and four men added a fourth guilty in a long-awaited decision that will send Lewis "Scooter" Libby to jail and finally brings at least some accountability to a White House that has been as reckless as Nixon's in its disregard for the Constitution and the law.

Leave it to the former reporter on the panel to be the group's spokesman and sum it up with a tight lead:
"We're not saying that we didn't think Mr. Libby was guilty of the things we found him guilty of," said the juror, Denis Collins. "But it seemed like he was . . . the fall guy."
For a GOP team that has steadfastly (and arrogantly) insisted it was right, no matter the topic from Iraq to Katrina to its flexible interpretation of the laws of the land, the verdict is a cold slap in the face, something the diehard team that surrounds Vice President Dick Cheney continues to deny.
"Scooter didn't do anything," said former Cheney counselor Mary Matalin. "And his personal record and service are impeccable. How do you make sense of a system where a security principal admits to stuffing classified docs in his pants and says, 'I'm sorry,' and a guy who is rebutting a demonstrable partisan liar is going through this madness?"
It's called the legal system Mary (who is referring to the former Clinton administration national security adviser Sandy Berger, who copped a plea for an action that Bush probably admires at some level. A jury of citizens heard evidence and rendered a verdict holding someone accountable, an action Bush has repeatedly demonstrated he doesn't admire.

Fingers should now point even more directly at Darth Cheney, who unleashed Libby to attack the credibility of Joe Wilson and in the process helped out a CIA operative (something far more serious than stuffing documents down your pants).

Cheney stands at or near the top of every Bush action that has defied the Constitution (warrantless wiretaps, damaging checks and balances) or the will of the American people (the "surge"). His own lack of accountability has been on display since he so famously said he had "better things to do" than serve in Vietnam.

Sadly, this will probably end here, because Libby, the ever-faithful fall guy, will probably not roll on his boss. But Cheney will probably be the topic, once again and real soon, on the Marc Slackmeyer NPR program.

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