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Friday, March 30, 2007

Liar, liar, pants on fire

The truth is starting to seep out and its becoming unmistakably clear: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is the biggest law-breaker to be the nation's top law enforcement officer since John Mitchell.

And it's equally clear that George Bush seriously understates matters when he calls Karl Rove a "Turd Blossom." The man has managed to pollute every corner of Washington.

Or that the Republican Congress' failure to oversee this administration is one of the most egregious lapses of responsibility in this nation's history.

While the handful of remaining Bush apologists try to say the US Attorney purge was "business as usual" and no different than when Bill Clinton came into office, the evidence laid out in e-mails and now in sworn testimony under oath suggests a very different picture.

Kyle Sampson, the former Gonzales aide who was grilled yesterday, has already been caught in writing that the review was focused on "loyal Bushies" and initiated by Rove right after the 2004 election.

The former chief of staff also revealed how political the judgments were when he suggested removing Patrick Fitzgerald, then in the process of investigating Scooter Libby. Not that his suggestion won great support:
“They looked at me like I had said something totally inappropriate, and I had.”
Ya think?

The testimony points with great clarity that this is not politics as usual and that Bush's "compromise" of allowing Rove and former White House Counsel (and Bush toadie) Harriet Miers to testify behind closed doors, without an oath or a transcript is a mockery of the system.

And I can't wait for the final outcome over the role of Bush's Monica problem. Now that will be a definition of justice.

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