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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Money can't buy me love?

You really gotta love this one: not only is Myth Romney flip-flipping all over the place, he's managed to buy the affection of some of his new found friends. Boy, principles are a wonderful thing. Nor am I really surprised that Barbara Anderson is the only one among the trio of Massachusetts right-wing organizations to receive Romney largess not to be easily rolled.

The New York Times notes today how the Mittser opened his check book to Citizens for Limited Taxation, Massachusetts Citizens for Life and the Massachusetts Family Institute over the past year as he lined up his ducks for his presidential run.

Some operative words:
The recipients of Mr. Romney’s donations said the money had no influence on them. But some of the groups, notably Citizens for Life and the Family Institute, have turned supportive of Mr. Romney after criticizing him in the past.

Coming on the eve of his presidential campaign, Mr. Romney’s contributions could create the appearance of a conflict of interest for groups often asked to evaluate him. All the groups said he had never contributed before, and his foundation’s public tax filings show no previous gifts to similar groups. Its 2006 contributions will become public with its tax filings later this year.

This space has amply chronicled Mittsy's conversion from an open-minded gay-friendly, pro-choice, non-gun nut gubernatorial candidate to his fire-breathing right wing persona of today. (And a belated shout-out to Scot Lehigh for putting the Romney "conversion" in such entertaining form).

But it's worth noting the role money can play in his acceptance by those "principled" folk he's been courting.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life was critical of Mr. Romney, who was then a supporter of abortion rights, during most of his tenure as governor. But over the past few months, its officials have issued favorable statements about his record on abortion issues that have become an integral element of his appeal to social conservatives.

At a conference of conservative activists in Washington last week, Mr. Romney’s campaign passed out a statement from the group.

Marie Sturgis, executive director of Citizens for Life, said his donation had no influence on her group, which has an annual budget of about $600,000.

“Granted, when he began his role as governor he certainly was not with us,” Ms. Sturgis said. “But toward the end, if you look at the record, especially in the stem cell debate, he certainly took the pro-life position consistently.”

Glad we got that straight.

Meanwhile, it's also worth noting the lengths to which all the GOP candidates are pushing family values (or lack thereof). The Globe takes a good look at how the Romney family has become stage props.

Coming on the heels of the ever-so-hypocritical Newt Gingrich admitting he had an affair at the same time as he was leading the impeachment charge against Bill Clinton, it's nice to be reminded about conservative principles.

I guess it all depends on the meaning of the word "sexual relations," Newt?

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