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Friday, March 09, 2007

Those who know him best

It has the potential to create some significant damage for Myth Romney.

"It" is the decision by members of what's left of the Massachusetts Republican Party to take to the campaign trail as a "truth squad". The truth about the former Massachusetts governor will not set him free. Says consultant Holly Robichaud:
“It’s a matter of trust. When somebody changes their position on so many different issues - taxes, minimum wage, abortion, gay marriage, gay rights - you’ve got to start to wonder, where are his core beliefs? If you don’t have any core beliefs, you shouldn’t be president of the United States.”
To think I once questioned her credentials? :-)

The truth squad comes on top of the decisions by other Republicans to sign on with the Guiliani and McCain campaigns, including former governors Paul Cellucci and Jane Swift (Bill Weld and his natural affinity to not finish the job means he's a lock for Myth).

File this under "they were for him before they were against him." I can't wait to check them out.



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