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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well duh!

The Globe reports today that devalpatrick.com has "hit a few stumbling blocks" because people who don't agree with Patrick positions are posting their opinions in online forums.

I guess that happens when you have websites and blogs that are open to comments from readers, a problem the Globe doesn't have with its collection of briefs.

Not that I am enthralled by the Wild West spirit that inflames the blogosphere. The shoot from the lip tendency -- including endless bashing of a person's parentage and physical attributes -- is childish and doesn't foster the type of debate Patrick and others (like bloggers) hope to engender.

The Washington Post has wrestled with this in the most public fashion
. But Patrick still deserves credit for trying something the Globe has been unwilling to do in its blogs. (And of by the way, have we all forgotten the Globe's own security breach issues?)

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