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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Billions for Baghdad and not one cent for Boston

Leave aside the bluster and false bravado that comes as a man of the people rides through the mean streets in someone else's SUV and Brian McGrory may be on to something. Let's simplify it: billions for Baghdad and not one cent for Boston. Or New Orleans. Or fill-in-the blank.

There is something inherently wrong with a leader who squanders national resources -- but human and financial -- on a ill-conceived, poorly executed war that has degenerated into random spasms of violence on the streets of the capital city of a country we invaded under false pretenses. All the while, this "leader" ignores the home front except to make life better for his fat cat cronies.

McGrory, riding high above the din along side Tom Menino in the mayor's not-quite-as-pricey as-Deval's-Cadillac-Ford SUV, takes his obligatory shot at Deval Patrick for the "paltriness" of his proposal to allocate $900,000 to try to stop the random spasms of violence that are gripping Boston.

A few miles away on Beacon Hill, in broad daylight, House Speaker Sal DiMasi tells the Legislature he opposes a Patrick tax proposal that would focus on closing loopholes that allow large utilities to avoid paying local property taxes. DiMasi says requiring municipalities to save $200 million by pooling the cost of health insurance and pension costs is a better way to go.

Oh yeah, and expect deep budget cuts in state programs for Massachusetts residents.

And at that same Beacon Hill hearing, a regional vice president of one of the nation's largest and wealthiest telecommunications firms, threatens higher phone rates if the Patrick proposal goes through.

This is the same utility that purchased a full page ad in yesterday's Globe to tout its neighborliness and whose television commercials appear multiple times per hour in every network television show.

What's wrong with this picture? We fight over "crumbs" at the same time as Moqtada al Sadr rails against the "forces of darkness led by the occupiers" who are spending our billions in a futile effort to follow through on what Colin Powell called the Pottery Barn Rule.

Hey George. There are a lot more Pottery Barns over here. Sal and Deval: How about pooled municipal costs AND closed loopholes?

And memo to Brian: Don't be stingy with blame-placing. There's more than enough that can go around. Maybe you'll see that when or if you get a ride in the Caddy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your persistence on this issue! Don't let it go.

April 11, 2007 6:19 AM  

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