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Monday, April 02, 2007

Blame the media

Now we know where Tommy Menino has been during the latest round of violence to hit Boston's neighborhoods. Coming up with excuses.

Speaking to the Greater Love Tabernacle in Dorchester, Menino says it's not gang-bangers or too-readily available guns or ineffective policing or parenting that's behind the killings. No, says the mayor for life, it's the media.
“A lot of people want to believe it’s out of control. It’s not out of control. This city works. The problem is you’re always seeing headlines about the bad news. I wish we had a good news newspaper. The Good News of Boston. The bad guys don’t control this city, they only control the headlines.”
To be fair, Menino was finally out in the neighborhood wracked by violence, trying to project a sense of calm. And there most certainly has been a bit of grandstanding for the media by the Rev. Bruce Wall and the Guardian Angels.

But after several days of low or no profile, couldn't Menino have come up with something better than to resort to the oldest card in an embattled politician's book?

Shootings on public buses in broad daylight or of innocent victims in the wrong place at the wrong time may not be good news, Mr. Mayor. But they most certainly are news. This is just one more example where you should leave some jobs to the professionals.

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