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Friday, April 13, 2007

The circle is complete

A year after sitting on stage at Faneuil Hall and basking in his glory while signing the Massachusetts health care access law, the Man of his Convictions is shifting gears again.
As Mitt Romney aggressively courts conservatives in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, landmark health-care legislation that the former Massachusetts governor signed into law about a year ago has been largely left out of his pitch.
Let's see -- conservatives don't like the idea of government intrusion into the free market of health care -- you know the one that works so well (unlike the government-run Medicare program). No problem!

So the Mittser, who championed the individual mandate provision that is proving so hard to make work, is now backing away from what many consider to be his ONLY accomplishment.

But after flipping on abortion, gay rights, gun laws and tax pledges, what's one more?

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