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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Different, not better

Some initial thoughts on the House budget proposal while taking some time to maybe, possibly think about it in more depth.
  • So who is Brian McGrory going to blame for the House decision to overturn Deval Patrick's proposal for more cops? Or is he going to be happy that the House restored special grants for gang-related programs?
  • Is it really wise to be dipping into the reserves to the tune of $300 million when the economy is looking wobbly but still on the plus side this year. What if the bottom falls out next year?
  • What message is being sent by chopping the restoration of public health programs? It was bad policy when Mitt Romney reduced them. It's bad policy now. Do House leaders really think that new health care access law is all that's needed now?
  • Is it real or is it show to proclaiming a gap that's only $800 million compared to the Patrick $1 billion estimate?
  • The overall question: is the House, by foregoing new revenues, whether through corporate tax reforms or casino gambling -- while using rainy day accounts to make up a reduced shortfall -- pushing the problem to another day?
I need to sleep on these questions and many more.

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