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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Double standard

"I lied about my credentials. I didn't go to the schools that I said I did."

Jon Keller and at least one of his viewers think MIT admissions dean Marilee Jones is a victim of "credentialism," apparently the newest sin of political correctness in liberal academia.


Imagine what Jon and Al would be saying if the faker was a politician. The tar would be bubbling and the feathers would be collected in a neat pile. Reservations would have been secured for the next rail out of town.

I'm one of the last people to defend the haughty standards of academics who frequently (but not always) reflect the old adage of "those who can't, teach."

But Jones was charged with vetting student applicants for admission to one of the most prestigious schools in the nation. Toss in the fact she was a crusader for reducing the stress of the credentials chase and the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

And yes Jon and Al, I do care if my plumber and electrician are who they say they are. Maybe you will change your mind the next time the pipes freeze.



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