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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I feel a rant coming on

What's wrong with this picture?

A racist, homophobic misogynist has lost his job, replaced temporarily by serial plagiarist Mike Barnicle. Among those who took umbrage to Don Imus' foul-mouth ranting were Jesse (Hymietown) Jackson and Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton. Playing supporting roles in the demise of Imus are the advertisers who pulled the plug on his life support system.

I've tried to stay away from this topic (except for two brief hits) because I think it's an Anna Nicole Smith-like sideshow in a world where suicide bombers have penetrated deep into the "secure" Baghdad Green Zone; where presidential aides lie, cover-up and destroy evidence while young men and women die for the follies. Oh, let's not forget Iraq War architects engineering sweetheart deals for their sweethearts.

But the number of trees that have died and electrons scattered to discuss whether Imus was a misunderstood good guy and whether his removal is a blow for the Democrats is truly over the top. There are far more crucial issues facing us -- and far more outrageous swill spewing from supposedly significant mouths.

Yes, Imus and his counterparts like Rush (Oxycontin) Limbaugh and Anne (Trashmouth) Coulter are well-compensated for their outrageous and outlandish commentary and have ready audiences for their swill.

I prefer turning the dial off and let them starve for lack of audience. But since that's not the way the game is played in 2007, my question is -- why are Limbaugh and Coulter still able to spew their venom while Imus searches out a satellite radio deal?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A super rant. Thank you!

April 14, 2007 11:23 PM  

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