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Friday, April 06, 2007

In the line of fire

With the "victory" comes the scrutiny. Let's see if Myth Romney can stand up to it.

Fresh off his vault to the top of the GOP money leader board, the New York Times takes two looks at the Mittser this morning, where his cash came from and -- more importantly -- his penchant for saying things that, um, reflect the spirit of the moment.

Romney's hunting prowess won't be an issue in this campaign, though his acrobatic policy tendencies will be. And the latest in the series of Mitt "refinements" has caught the campaign press corps just as it is beginning to take a closer look at him.

And that huntin' man of the people is anything but, if you look at where his cash came from. Romney wisely invested cash and other resources to pick off rich, low-handing fruit like business associates and fellow Mormons. His renting of the the Boston Convention and Exposition Center for $2.35 million to raise $6.5 million garnered priceless publicity.

Drilling deeper, Romney, it is not quite so impressive.
Mr. Romney’s financial support is deep but narrow. He amassed $20 million from fewer than 33,000 donors, according to figures disclosed by his campaign. By comparison, Mr. McCain raised $12.5 million from nearly 50,000 donors while Senator Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, raised $25 million from more than 100,000. Their average contributors each gave about $250; Mr. Romney’s gave more than $600.
So John McCain, the "loser" in the money race, had more donors who contributed less. Looked at another way, Romney snagged the fat cats, while McCain and Obama worked at the grassroots.

The fat cats won't care to much about Mitt's policy acrobatics. But let's see how he does with the grassroots when the white hot spotlight hits him. I bet it leaves a few strands from his well-coiffed head out of place.

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