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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Money talks...

Myth Romney can be forgiven this morning if he thinks he's a beloved figure in the GOP presidential race. Under the new rules for this campaign, money talks and well, you know the rest.

Romney raked in $21 million in the first quarter, added a couple million of his own and now, after starting the slide under the waves of irrelevance in the polls, is back in the front tier. The Washington Post summarizes it nicely:
Romney has labored in single digits in polling but has been an aggressive fundraiser.
In some ways, it's another accurate representation of a flawed field where GOP stalwarts will grasp at any straws, John McCain believes it is safe to walk down some streets in Baghdad; Rudy Giuliani has the wives problem (not to mention the "moderate" tag).

Romney? He's just a breakfast food -- a serial waffler.

So the Mittser has managed to come back up for air, based on his skills as a shakedown artist. Sadly, his chances, single digits or not, remain reasonable -- even if he was last seen running third in one of his home states, New Hampshire.

But things may be dicey for the Man, the Myth and the Legend: Mark Slackmayer has him in his sights.

Somehow I can't agree with the good professor who says being mocked for having "true political courage" on gay rights is a good thing.

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