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Monday, April 30, 2007

More dissin' and data

As Mike Barnicle used to say (at least I think it was his line), not that it really matters, but...

  • Did Bechtel Parsons/Brinckerhoff design the highway? Glad to know Boston isn't the only home to truly odd traffic nightmares -- a highway interchange that melts? I'd probably want to avoid any road labeled "The Maze" anyway. The biggest problem the Bay Area may face? Mitt might want to put on his orange vest and investigate.
  • Yo Adrian? Much has been made Eileen McNamara's departure from the Globe and Brian McGrory's move into her Sunday-Wednesday slot. But where's Walker? Check out his home on the Globe website and there's nothing since April 5. And I don't recall any "Adrian Walker is not writing today" notes. Let's see what tomorrow brings?
  • You light up my life? Apparently not. Check out what apparently is the latest in gender-based conflict. Somewhere, a Republican strategist is no doubt plotting how to reach the Soft White Mom.



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