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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random thoughts

A few thoughts banging around the brain after perusing the press:
  • The Herald in bed with personal injury lawyers? How else to explain the latest from the Enterprising Reporter that Worcester wasted money on removing a foot of snow on St. Patrick's Day because it all melted anyway "the following day." Pols may have their snouts in the trough but we can only guess where our reporter has his head;
  • Culture of Life? "Right-to-life" advocates rejoice over a narrow Supreme Court decision on a rarely used and tough to defend abortion technique that would place value of the fetus' existence on par or over that of a mother's life. Where are their voices over laws that provide loopholes permitting people “adjudicated as a mental defective” to purchase guns that led to the slaughter of 32 innocents?
A few more...
  • Is it the water? What makes Republican presidential candidates flop all over the place, backing off on long-held beliefs and trying to pretend they never said something? Rudy Giuliani's shifts on abortion and immigration still don't come close to matching the gymnastics of Myth Romney though.
  • Aren't broken clocks right twice a day? It's about as usual as the Globe and Herald hitting on the same theme in the same day -- our broken criminal justice system. The Globe looks at how the Department of Correction keeps people in jail after their terms have ended; the Herald looks at how people who should be inside are not. No wonder Romney appointee Kathleen Dennehy is being shown the door.



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