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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Curmudgeon Corner

Here's where I do a little bit of Andy Rooney whining while hoping to jump start sluggish page views...

You know what really bugs me?
  • Unknown callers. You get caller ID and put your phone numbers on the Do Not Call list and you still get bombarded with "unknown callers" multiple times a day. If they're not breaking the law by calling me (yeah I know the rules), aren't they doing something wrong by blocking their number?
  • Junk fax calls. All of the above, especially those that come at 1 or 2 in the morning. But even though you're on the do-not-call list, you need to call to get off the list. And every 800 number is different. Why have laws if they aren't enforced?
  • Speaking of which, drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians gone wild. There's a reason stop signs are octagons. That's so those people who are red color blind still know what they are. Funny how so many drivers don't. Or that think the far edge of the crosswalk is the stop line. Or that sidewalks are for parking. Or Tour de France cycling to avoid cars that don't stop at signs or crosswalks or for jaywalkers.
  • Instant death checks from credit card companies. You know, those checks made out with your name and address that are designed to use and run up debt at 18 percent interest (if you have good credit). Haven't those companies ever heard of identity theft?
  • Deliveries. Let's start with newspapers that charge you a premium for home delivery, make you pay a month or three in advance and then tell you you can always read the paper on the web when the delivery doesn't show up. No kidding. And it's a lot cheaper! No wonder newspapers are bleeding circulation and dying.
  • Package delivery. You know the company that only delivers on weekdays, doesn't have its local office open on Saturday for people to come by and pick up packages that won't be left because signatures are required. I can think of another thing Brown does for me.
How's that for starters? Chime in with your own pet peeves. Meanwhile, I'll go eat my bran flakes.



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