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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Good housekeeping

It's a bit overdue, but it's a good move anyway.

Deval Patrick continues his shakeup of state government, telling commissioners and department heads they need to reapply for their jobs. He'll give them the word by June 1 on whether they can stay or go.

The practice is a common one when a new CEO comes in, particularly in politics. Patrick delayed the move until now, no doubt to get a budget in place. The delay hasn't been without cost: Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Suzanne Bump was slimed by two Romney-appointed labor commissioners and House Rules Committee Chairman Angelo Scaccia tried to become administration personnel secretary and keep Mental Retardation Commissioner Gerald Morrissey in place.

Patrick is going to be judged by the success or failure of his team. It ought to be his, not Mitt Romney's or Bill Weld's.



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