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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

House of Cards

The only person missing was Jack Bauer.

Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the attempted cloak-and-dagger end run around him (and the Constitution) is something straight out of 24. Is this a TV script or congressional testimony?
"I thought I just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man, who did not have the powers of the attorney general because they had been transferred to me."
Wearing the black hats were former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card and then White House Legal Counsel Albert "Heckuva Job" Gonzales. Their mission? Get Then US Attorney General John Ashcroft, lying in an intensive car unit to overrule Comey and sign off on an NSA wiretap scheme that he and Comey had already rejected.

Toss in cars racing through a nighttime Washington, federal agents ordered to disobey Card and Gonzales if they tried to throw Comey out of the room and a late night meeting at the White House where Comey insisted he have a witness and you have a plot that even Jack Bauer would have a hard time handling.

But this was all too real -- featuring the man George W. Bush has expressed confidence in as the nation's chief law enforcement official.

Any plot where John Ashcroft is an heroic figure defending the Constitution is scary enough. Throw in Gonzales' consigliere method of operation and not even Wes Craven looks frightening in comparison.

What I really want to know is how Gonzales managed to get out of law school? He makes John Mitchell look upstanding.

But what are we to make for Card, the one-time reform king and great hope of the Massachusetts Republican Party? He mist have spent too much time hanging around with his brother-in-law Ron Kaufman.

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