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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leave no stone unturned

It's an encouraging sign that Massachusetts Democrats are bringing a new team and a new strategy to the table.

The Globe reports that national party help may be enlisted to help round up the last remaining votes needed to kill the anti-gay marriage proposal awaiting another battle in the Legislature. Far from indicating weakness as ballot questions supporters suggest, it is a sign of a new strategy -- rising from Deval Patrick and, in all likelihood, Senate President Terry Murray.

It is significant that the seemingly first official act by Democratic State Party Chairman John Walsh, who ran Patrick's campaign, would be to sound out national party leaders to help kill the noxious proposal. The success or failure of the amendment has been the unspoken wild card in the 2008 Democratic presidential campaign.

What Republican in their right mind (OK, a potentially infinitesimal group) would want to run on the record of George Bush and Iraq? So, the need for the GOP to raise one of their usually reliable wedge issues become even more important.

Take away one of the nastiest issues around today and the Republicans will be denied one of their best tools to change the subject from the stewardship of the Bush administration. At the same time, you eliminate Myth Romney's only claim to "accomplishment" among the haters.

So does enlisting national help constitute weakness? Hardly. It's a smart political move, the kind you don't usually see coming from Democrats.

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