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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lies, damn lies and polls

A late spring and an early presidential campaign share one thing in common: polls sprouting like weeds. Many of them just as valuable.

A WBZ-TV survey shows Myth Romney jumping to the top of the GOP pack in New Hampshire (a place I continue to insist a Massachusetts-based candidate MUST occupy to have even a shred of credibility -- what took him so long?) Jon Keller attributes this to Granite State voters finding the Mittser a "devout and devoted family man struggling with difficult moral issues, trying to balance dogma with logic and sensitivity."

Meanwhile, a Newsweek poll finds Romney scrapping the bottom of the field when it comes voters looking for "political courage." I attribute this to people examining Romney's "conversions" on abortion,, stem cells, guns, gay rights and taxes and seeing a man with no moral center or courage of convictions.

Different polls, different audiences and different questions produce different results. None of then should be taken seriously at this point. If polls are snapshots in time, these are digital photos that should be erased on the screen.

But they are reflective of the fact that Romney's flips are not going over well, but the GOP field doesn't inspire too much confidence in anyone right now.

At least he wasn't running in France.

UPDATE: This Globe story reveals some of the methodological flaws in the Survey USA-WBZ poll.

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